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Perspect Medical Medical Billing (PMB) is a Saskatchewan Ministry of Health approved billing system ideal for physicians who do not require the full suite of features that traditional EMR products offer. It is this opportunity that led to the development of our online billing solution.

Saskatchewan's most trusted doctor billing application
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Less Time Spent on Billing
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Clinics and Doctors from all specialties who are “Fee for Service” find Perspect’s online medical billing a simple yet comprehensive and affordable solution.

Perspect’s online physician billing solution was developed for those who do not require the complexity and costs of a full scale Electronic Medical Record (EMR) yet still want a simple, comprehensive, affordable, and reliable billing system, which they can access from virtually any device, and any location and at any time.

Perspect medical billing is highly applicable to services such as, but not limited to:

  • Anesthesiology
  • Radiology
  • GP Assists
  • Critical Care Associates
  • Shadow Billing
  • Locums
  • Consults
  • Physicians easing into retirement
  • Any others requiring a simple fee for service billing option without the overhead of an EMR



We have worked with doctors to create a straightforward and cost- effective price structure with a single annual invoice.


With the help of physicians, we have been able to develop a user interface that uses the minimum number of entries required to get you paid accurately and on time.


You can access Perspect Medical Billing from any connected device - you can even complete your billing in the operating room.


Designed specifically to focus on loss prevention, the PMB system incorporates many features that flag the specific situations where revenues are typically lost. Situations such as:

  • rejected claims (which may not be resubmitted);
  • expired claims (which often go unnoticed);
  • and WCB claims (which are often submitted incorrectly or not at all).

The Perspect Medical Billing system is designed to flag all.

Saskatchewan's most trusted doctor billing application


Highlights current revenues in real-time (highlights variances in payment versus billed amount for each claim)

Identifies claims being held-up with MSB and provides reason

Detailed error proofing for new claims - uses minimal keystrokes and algorithms to prevent most human error

Automatic pick-up of all MSB reports, eliminating risk of missed “pick-up”

Identifies revenues flagged as lost (due to late submission) allowing for resubmission

Direct claims submissions to MSB and WCB (no down/uploading or invoicing required)

Real-time record of rejected claims, along with reason or rejection (allowing for immediate resubmission)

Drop-down menu of all Saskatchewan doctors for quick and accurate referral sources

Print out are create detailed PDF reports for your accountant quarterly and at year end


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